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Editor of Fellowship Writers

Spoiler Alert: I didn’t write everyday.

Medium Followers, Medium Followers, Medium Followers, Medium Followers, Medium Followers, Medium Followers, Medium Followers
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As a participant in the Medium’s Partner Program, individuals have the opportunity to earn more money sharing stories than working a day job. This is not a secret.

We all have the potential — right at our fingertips — literally. That’s what makes Medium so sensational.

Determined individuals can write their way into a new career, filled with various forms of writing self-employment.

However, going from zero to Tim Denning does not occur overnight. It requires dedication, a willingness to learn, an open mind, a stomach for criticism, and an unconquerable writing process.

“Gotta play to win,” said the guy…


I predicted it would happen. For proof, check out my previous story.

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Nineteen days ago, I wrote a masterpiece. Okay, perhaps it was not a masterpiece, but it was a story with a solution. A fix for a problem that has plague Medium writers for centuries. Maybe not centuries, but a really long time.

In my article, How I Separate My Comments From My Stories, I described the problem Medium writers were having with their comments registering as stories. Then I went on to highlight two solutions to the problem. One of them was a Chrome Extension developed by Yelysei Lukin. …

The insights that will determine if your article receives DOLLARS versus pennies.

Medium’s New Layout, Medium’s New Layout, Medium’s New Layout, Medium’s New Layout, Medium’s New Layout
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Question: When writing on Medium, which of the following metrics directly correlates into earnings? (Highlight the right answer)

  • Number of Keywords
  • Number of Views
  • Number of Reads
  • Number of Claps
  • Number of Comments
  • Number of Minutes Spent Reading Your Illustrious, Well-Composed, Original Work-of-Art

You’re probably thinking, “this isn’t new information — most writers know Member Reading Time equates to money,” and you would be correct, except you’re overlooking two new aspects added by Medium:

How does an author’s homepage design affect Member Reading Time?

Why are authors getting Views but registering ZERO minutes?

To answer these questions, we will assess…

Take the number of published stories. Square that number. Add three to it. Take the square root, and then multiply by zero... That’s how much Publication Editors make.

Image by Hatice EROL from Pixabay | “Money Poor Coin”

Without question, one of the greatest privileges I enjoy on Medium is being the Editor of Fellowship Writers. Each morning, I uncover incredible stories, constructive comments, and words of encouragement from writers all over the world.

Beyond any metric, our community is proof a cooperative environment is possible on Medium.

So, as the Director of Transparency (sounds better than Senior Administrator in Charge of Clapping), I want to address the following question, “How much do Editors earn from their publications?” …

A community of writers, a positive environment, a safe place to become a better reader/writer. Not Religiously Affiliated. All Writers are Welcome.

Logo provided by author | FELLOWSHIP WRITERS publication

Becoming a Medium member has been an enriching experience. I’ve enjoyed reading numerous fictional thrillers, endearing poems, informative how-to articles, harrowing true-life accounts, and other works of creativity.

Most of my favorite stories are written by up-and-coming authors, who are working hard to make a name for themselves.

I prefer reading their content because I recognize their struggle.

It is analogous to choosing between college sports vs. professional, local boutiques vs. mega malls, corner bakers vs. franchised chains; I gravitate towards the tenacious underdogs because I consider myself a member in this category.

Which brings me to my point:



Another weekly report with tremendous results and statistics.

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Each week as I go through the community’s stats, there is one metric I follow more closely than others. It is the average that correlates with member engagement, but more importantly — shows how hard our members are working to support each other by leaving a comment.

What is the metric in question? The average number of comments per story.

Last week, the average number of comments per featured story reached a high of 10.4 comments per story. This result is 25.3% higher than Week Eleven’s numbers.

With a high-water mark of 291 comments left for 28 stories, we are…


Sharing several changes to the submission and acceptance guidelines for the Fellowship Writers community.

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

Last Week, our community achieved another milestone.

We tallied an all-time high of 101 submissions. These were all of the stories sent to us to be featured. That is quite an achievement for our growing community. However, it is only a drop in the bucket in terms of the submissions we could receive.

As we continue to grow and approach the 1,000 member mark, we can expect more submitted stories, which we are thrilled with! So, with the growth of our community comes a need for an evolution of our publication guidelines.

Overall, our newest updates will make it easier…


The community has grown to nearly 400 members in 10 short weeks.

Photo by Paul Gilmore on Unsplash

An average of 40 new members are joining our community every week. This is an incredible accomplishment. It is a level of growth that was unimaginable in the early weeks of our publication. In those days, we struggled to gain our first 50 members. If memory serves correct, it took us nearly three weeks to hit that 50 member milestone, but here we are, ready to eclipse that marker every week!

At this point, we are more than a publication.

We are a tribe. A company. A circle. A group of dedicated writers who strive to help each other with…


Probably but its a good thing, because we all need more time with our loved ones.

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Happy New Year! Can you believe 2020 is over? For one, I am very excited to start the new year with the tremendous momentum of a restful holiday.

Like most individuals, I took some time at the end of December to spend with family and friends. That meant fewer hobby-related activities like Medium and more time to rest with loved ones. This time away is why I skipped week eight’s newsletter and picked back up with week nine.

Fortunately, we have a lot to catch up on, so without further adieu this week’s newsletter will cover the following topics:

  • Retiring…


This is a place for individuals to ask questions about Medium and get straightforward answers.

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We have all been there.

You have a question, and Google does not have an answer. How does the search engine dedicated to the mathematical expression 1 x 100th power not have an answer? You wonder what to do next. If only there were a place on Medium to ask questions from your fellow writers…

How about this next scenario?

You have a question about the platform but feel it is too simple to ask. You fear ridicule from other writers. You wonder what to do next. …

KR Franklin

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