Does the Holiday Period Mean Fewer Views? (Week 9)

Probably but its a good thing, because we all need more time with our loved ones.

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Happy New Year! Can you believe 2020 is over? For one, I am very excited to start the new year with the tremendous momentum of a restful holiday.

Like most individuals, I took some time at the end of December to spend with family and friends. That meant fewer hobby-related activities like Medium and more time to rest with loved ones. This time away is why I skipped week eight’s newsletter and picked back up with week nine.

Fortunately, we have a lot to catch up on, so without further adieu this week’s newsletter will cover the following topics:

  • Retiring the JACKPOT Prize
  • New Change to the Homepage (Viewable on Desktop/Laptop/Tablet)
  • Publication Statistics
  • Closing Thoughts: Does the Holiday Period Mean Falling Statistics?

Retiring the JACKPOT Prize

For several weeks, we introduced a premium prize available for any member interested in featuring their story. Each day, the JACKPOT was awarded to the individual who commented the most. With this award, a member could guarantee their story would be featured on the homepage of Fellowship Writers.

After a trial, we realized the community’s guidelines were becoming overly complicated. New members struggled to differentiate between the Jackpot and the Lottery process. This confusion is entirely understandable since our approach to story selection is so unique.

To simplify the admission process, we have decided to retire the Jackpot prize and stick exclusively with the daily lottery process in selecting stories. Ultimately, this means we will only feature three stories per day.

As for the lottery process, a writer can still significantly improve their chances of winning by commenting on the current day’s winning stories. However, this participation does not guarantee a win. It simply means a writer will earn more entries into the daily Lottery.

With these changes, we have updated our homepage to further promote the winning stories of the day. Have you spotted the new look for the new year?

New Change to the Fellowship Writer’s Homepage (Viewable on Desktop/Laptop/Tablet)

With the Jackpot’s retirement, the Fellowship Writer’s homepage has changed to promote the day’s winning stories.

Each winning story now has greater visibility with a larger preview. This allows viewers to quickly see who has won the day’s lottery. Additionally, it makes it easier to differentiate between previous stories and the current day’s winning stories.

Lastly, the number of comments determines the order of the stories. The winning writers with the most comments will get priority in story placement.

With these new changes, we’re hoping to provide further exposure to the individuals who participate in our community. We appreciate all of the contributions and participation!

Publication Statistics

  • Followers: 373
  • Writers: 100+
  • Days in Production: 63


Screenshot provided by author | Fellowship Writers Stats

Closing Thoughts: Does the Holiday Period Mean Falling Statistics?

The last two weeks of December delivered a downturn in Medium statistics. Fellowship Writers was not immune to the issue.

During that time, some stories popped up, written by Medium writers who expressed concern. Some hypothesized the fall in numbers was due to the holidays. Some equated it back to the plague of plagiarism. Others estimated it was caused by the significant changes in the availability of the Medium partner program in developing countries.

Regardless of the reason behind the drop, our community remains steadfast in its goal. We strive to become a resource for all Medium writers.

For the individuals struggling with the downturn in their stats, use your numbers to guide your writing. Don’t let it be the reason you decide to quit. Allow more time for your writing to flourish. Even if you touch only one person with your words, it makes writing worth the investment.


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