Fellowship Writers Community Stats: Week 11

Sharing several changes to the submission and acceptance guidelines for the Fellowship Writers community.

KR Franklin
4 min readJan 20, 2021


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Last Week, our community achieved another milestone.

We tallied an all-time high of 101 submissions. These were all of the stories sent to us to be featured. That is quite an achievement for our growing community. However, it is only a drop in the bucket in terms of the submissions we could receive.

As we continue to grow and approach the 1,000 member mark, we can expect more submitted stories, which we are thrilled with! So, with the growth of our community comes a need for an evolution of our publication guidelines.

Overall, our newest updates will make it easier for participating members to win the lottery. We’re making the feature process more inclusive and keeping stories on our homepage longer. But, I won’t spoil the news — just yet.

For this week’s newsletter, we will cover the following topics:

  • New Changes to Submission Guidelines
  • Last Week’s Winning Stories
  • Publication Statistics

New Changes to Submission Guidelines

The new improvements to our acceptance policy is a response to the growth in our community. Here are our latest modifications:

  • Featuring 4 stories per day, instead of 3
  • Ranking featured stories by individuals who comment the most
  • Retaining 28 of the latest stories on our homepage, instead of 21
  • Awarding 6 entries per comment into the lottery, instead of 5

Of these changes, the last change is the most interesting.

Previously, we awarded 5 extra entries into the lottery for every comment left by members. This was our way of giving a significant advantage to each participating member in our community.

With our community’s growth, we have decided to increase the per-comment entries. Moving forward, we will award 6 entries per comment giving commenting members a more significant…



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