Fellowship Writers Community Stats: Week 12

Another weekly report with tremendous results and statistics.

KR Franklin
4 min readJan 27, 2021


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Each week as I go through the community’s stats, there is one metric I follow more closely than others. It is the average that correlates with member engagement, but more importantly — shows how hard our members are working to support each other by leaving a comment.

What is the metric in question? The average number of comments per story.

Last week, the average number of comments per featured story reached a high of 10.4 comments per story. This result is 25.3% higher than Week Eleven’s numbers.

With a high-water mark of 291 comments left for 28 stories, we are proving a cooperative community is possible on Medium.

But beyond the metrics, I am most proud of how positive our members are towards each other. Scrolling the comments, you see a level of friendliness that is practically non-existent on the internet. In fact, I have yet to witness a truly malicious remark on any story — to this date.

Knock on wood!

Moving forward, I hope we can remain encouraging towards one another, and I hope we can continue to compound the sense of friendship that has developed through the weeks. That is worth more than any set of numbers.

Congratulations to everyone on the accomplishments of last week! I’m sure the creators at Medium are noticing us.

For this week’s newsletter, we will cover the following topics:

  • Highlighting Last Week’s Winning Stories
  • Publication Statistics

Last Week’s Winners

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