Publication’s Stats After 1 Week

The Fellowship Writers community is growing rapidly. Sharing insights and stats based on one week in production.

Today marks a week or 168 hours since our publication and community began. It began as a small, far-fetched idea for a publication and has grown into a multi-national organization — spanning multiple languages in print and online media.

Okay, that last part is an absolute exaggeration, and my intentions are not so overarching, but I digress. :)

The level of support and engagement from each reader, writer, and commenter over this last week has been exceptional. This high level of interaction has led to incredible statistics for our featured writers and the publication, so I thought to document the progress in a community newsletter.

It will be something to look back on. Will the publication reach a new pinnacle, or will the idea come crashing down? We decide.


  • Number of Followers: 23
  • Number of Writers: 21
  • Number of Stories Featured: 7
  • Number of Days in Production: 7



I want to recognize Jax Hudur for leaving constructive feedback on “How to Survive & Thrive in a Writing Community” by Lezlie Christian. Jax left a helpful comment, which helped me realize something about our community.

As difficult as it is to receive peer reviews about our work, it can be just as challenging to construct feedback for each other — especially since most are new to writing.

If you find yourself in this predicament, remember feedback from all writers of all levels is highly encouraged. As long as it is positive, like Jax’s comments, keep them flowing for your fellow writer.

This publication is truly a safe place for writers and readers.

Lastly, if you don’t have any feedback to share for the featured writer, but you want to communicate to them that you’ve read their story, I recommend Clapping. This feature allows our writers to recognize which Fellowship Writer has read their work.

Clapping can be a form of acknowledgment.

Give and Take

One last thought. The more we read, clap, and comment for each other — the better. If we can nurture the reciprocity, Fellowship Writers can grow into a full-fledged community of support.

Editor of Fellowship Writers

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