How Much Editors Make From Their Publications

Take the number of published stories. Square that number. Add three to it. Take the square root, and then multiply by zero... That’s how much Publication Editors make.

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Without question, one of the greatest privileges I enjoy on Medium is being the Editor of Fellowship Writers. Each morning, I uncover incredible stories, constructive comments, and words of encouragement from writers all over the world.

Beyond any metric, our community is proof a cooperative environment is possible on Medium.

So, as the Director of Transparency (sounds better than Senior Administrator in Charge of Clapping), I want to address the following question, “How much do Editors earn from their publications?” Since you probably already know the answer, I will take it a step further and paint a complete picture by sharing insights and identifying the benefits of the role— in case you decide to take the leap.

How Much I Have Earned From Fellowship Writers?

In short, I have earned $0.00 since I began Fellowship Writers — six weeks ago. It is not a secret that Medium does not pay Publication Editors, but I am not saying there are zero benefits to the role. In fact, there are multiple reasons why one would want to start and run a publication, but none of them are direct compensation from Medium, and thus $0.00.

Now that I have answered the question, and I’ve done it in the first 175 words (are you impressed??), I will cover the following topics to paint that complete picture I promised:

  • Why I started a Publication?
  • Key Features of a Publication
  • What are the Benefits of the Editor role?
  • Should you open a Publication?

Why I Started a Publication?

First, I prefer to refer to our group as a community, rather than a publication because it is just that — a cooperative community.

Second, my goal in establishing Fellowship Writers was to create a safe space for writers to give and receive feedback, because I felt that aspect was lacking on the platform. Yes, there are free and paid services, which will provide you with professional writing advice, but none are as supportive as a cooperative community. Besides, I wanted to know what the readers thought, instead of the professionals.

So, I thought the comments section was outstanding for achieving the community’s goals— having readers leave constructive feedback or supportive responses on featured stories.

And, that is it. That was my idea in starting a publication. Feedback via comments.

What has been the response from readers and writers thus far? Incredible — everyone is respectful and supportive of each other! Not a negative comment in sight.

Which begs the question, how big has the community gotten?

Here is a picture from our last meeting:

Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

Just kidding, but we are growing!

Medium’s Definition of a Publication

Before I jump into the “key features” of a publication, I want to take a moment to review Medium’s definition of the resource. It will give you an insight into what the creators of the platform envisioned — in case you’re ready to take the leap.

“What is a Medium publication?

Medium publications are shared spaces for stories written around a common theme or topic, usually by multiple authors…some example uses of Medium publications include:

— An online magazine

— A community publication

— A company blog

— A collection of individual stories by a single author”

What are the “Key Features” of a publication that makes it worth opening?

In paraphrasing Mediums’ guidelines, the “key features” are:

  • Enabling the Newsletter System, which consists of directly emailing members who have signed up with their email
  • Stats into Stories Featured in the Publication
  • Unique URL for the Publication
  • Customizable Homepage
  • Adding Editors and Writers

So, there you have it. A publication is simply a vehicle to showcase stories published on Medium. For those interested in starting one, they will unlock features that are not available to all members.

What are the Benefits of the Editor role?

This question is difficult to answer because the job benefits are not apparent and, for the most part — indirect. I’ll describe the ones I have uncovered, if you are aware of more benefits —leave a comment.

  • Editors get their work automatically accepted, because they’re the ones accepting.
  • Editors have access to stats of featured stories, so they see first-hand which topics work and which do not.
  • Increased followers — individuals who join the publication are likely to follow the Editors.
  • Editors can design the publication homepage, so they control the prime real estate on the publication’s homepage.
  • Unlocked features that make it easy to grow an email list.
  • Views and reads on personal stories from members of the publication.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, opening a publication and taking on the Editor role is an unpaid role with lots of responsibilities. For some of us, it is an absolute privilege, and we would not take it back.

However, this brings up an excellent question. Should you start your own publication?

My answer — absolutely! At a minimum, you will unlock features that are not available to every Medium member. At a maximum, you will be the coolest cat on the platform!

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