How Much Editors Make From Their Publications

Take the number of published stories. Square that number. Add three to it. Take the square root, and then multiply by zero... That’s how much Publication Editors make.

KR Franklin
4 min readDec 9, 2020
Image by Hatice EROL from Pixabay | “Money Poor Coin”

Without question, one of the greatest privileges I enjoy on Medium is being the Editor of Fellowship Writers. Each morning, I uncover incredible stories, constructive comments, and words of encouragement from writers all over the world.

Beyond any metric, our community is proof a cooperative environment is possible on Medium.

So, as the Director of Transparency (sounds better than Senior Administrator in Charge of Clapping), I want to address the following question, “How much do Editors earn from their publications?” Since you probably already know the answer, I will take it a step further and paint a complete picture by sharing insights and identifying the benefits of the role— in case you decide to take the leap.

How Much I Have Earned From Fellowship Writers?

In short, I have earned $0.00 since I began Fellowship Writers — six weeks ago. It is not a secret that Medium does not pay Publication Editors, but I am not saying there are zero benefits to the role…



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