I am also a first-generation college graduate. Your story really resonated with me. I went through similar challenges in working 3 jobs and going to school to avoid debt.

Through your story, there were moments of triumph, which I enjoyed. When you met the Director of First-Year Experience, and she offered you a job, I celebrated out loud! LOL

Also, I genuinely agree with the moral of the story. Asking for help is vital to success--at any level. Additionally, organizations need to have the structure to make assistance available and accessible, which UCLA demonstrated.

One suggestion: I noticed you only used 4 story tags. You may consider maxing out the 5 spots to make your story more available to interested readers. If you're struggling to come up with a fifth tag, we have a community tag - "Fellowship Writers."

Overall, great read. Highly relatable story. Thank you for sharing!

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