I am guilty of leaning towards positivity. Often, I try to lift people with good vibes, and it is not always appreciated. However, I know when it has to be dialed back, and I think that is the key.

I like how you gave examples of Dismissive, Judgemental, and Directive ways of listening. I realized how important it is to be mindful of these pitfalls. Also, I like how you share, "most people mean no harm" and give approaches to preserve relationships. Really important advice!

One suggestion: I was confused if you were giving advice to someone dealing with a "toxic positive" person or giving advice to someone who is a toxic positive person. I think (at times) you did both, so you may want to find a way to separate the two. Just something to consider.

The strength of your story is your insights. It was clear you knew what you were writing about. There was a personal feel to the advice, which is hard to do. Kudos!

Thank you for sharing!

Editor of Fellowship Writers

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