I enjoy how you take a quote and use that as your table of contents for your story. I mean, that is extraordinarily unique!

As I read through your story, I have to say I identified with the simple group. I come from a humble background, and that is what makes the most sense to me.

However, I have no interest in power. Instead, I've always strived to lead an anonymous, low-key lifestyle surrounded by my faith, family, and friends (in that order). To be powerful or famous means, you're willing to have each of those 3 pillars tested. That doesn't interest me.

One suggestion: Each of the different people was so interesting. You did an excellent job of describing Average and Ordinary. I thought simple was a little bit short in description. Perhaps, you may consider expanding on what it means to be simple.

Overall, great insights and inspiration! Your story's strongest aspects were your ideas and the unique style of breaking down an inspiring quote.

Thank you for sharing!

Editor of Fellowship Writers

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