Medium Fixes the “Comment as a Story” Issue

I predicted it would happen. For proof, check out my previous story.

KR Franklin
3 min readJan 7, 2021
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Nineteen days ago, I wrote a masterpiece. Okay, perhaps it was not a masterpiece, but it was a story with a solution. A fix for a problem that has plague Medium writers for centuries. Maybe not centuries, but a really long time.

In my article, How I Separate My Comments From My Stories, I described the problem Medium writers were having with their comments registering as stories. Then I went on to highlight two solutions to the problem. One of them was a Chrome Extension developed by Yelysei Lukin. Yes, you read that correctly, someone actually created a Chrome Extension to solve for the “comment as a story” issue.

My solution to the problem was less elegant but nonetheless functional. I suggested using the “Stats” page to navigate to a published story, instead of using the “Stories” page. If you’re interested in my original story, a link will be provided below.

At the end of my six-minute masterpiece (sorry I can’t help myself), I wrote the following:

“Of course, since this solution has been uncovered and written about, it is fully expected — Medium will finally solve the nearly two-year-old problem and invalidate this article. Worth it!”

I predicted my article would become invalid after Medium fixed the issue — internally. I didn’t realize how quickly they would respond.

Well, it took 19 days, and their solution is breathtaking. See for yourself.

Screenshot provided by author | Stories page

Stories Page

Upon clicking the “Stories” link in your personal menu, you will uncover a subtly-altered stories page. Within this page, you will find the following sections: Drafts, Published, and Responses.

  • Drafts: These are the drafts that you’ve saved in your account.
  • Published: These are the actual…



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