Medium Fixes the “Comment as a Story” Issue

I predicted it would happen. For proof, check out my previous story.

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Nineteen days ago, I wrote a masterpiece. Okay, perhaps it was not a masterpiece, but it was a story with a solution. A fix for a problem that has plague Medium writers for centuries. Maybe not centuries, but a really long time.

In my article, How I Separate My Comments From My Stories, I described the problem Medium writers were having with their comments registering as stories. Then I went on to highlight two solutions to the problem. One of them was a Chrome Extension developed by Yelysei Lukin. Yes, you read that correctly, someone actually created a Chrome Extension to solve for the “comment as a story” issue.

My solution to the problem was less elegant but nonetheless functional. I suggested using the “Stats” page to navigate to a published story, instead of using the “Stories” page. If you’re interested in my original story, a link will be provided below.

At the end of my six-minute masterpiece (sorry I can’t help myself), I wrote the following:

“Of course, since this solution has been uncovered and written about, it is fully expected — Medium will finally solve the nearly two-year-old problem and invalidate this article. Worth it!”

I predicted my article would become invalid after Medium fixed the issue — internally. I didn’t realize how quickly they would respond.

Well, it took 19 days, and their solution is breathtaking. See for yourself.

Screenshot provided by author | Stories page

Stories Page

Upon clicking the “Stories” link in your personal menu, you will uncover a subtly-altered stories page. Within this page, you will find the following sections: Drafts, Published, and Responses.

  • Drafts: These are the drafts that you’ve saved in your account.
  • Published: These are the actual stories you’ve published.
  • Responses: These are the comments you’ve left for other writers.

The simple addition of the “Responses” category has separated a writer’s stories from their comments/responses. And, that’s it. That is all Medium had to do to fix the problem. They separated the stories into the “Published” section and the comments into the “Responses” section.

Medium writers rejoice!

Closing Thoughts

I have often wondered why Medium members did not comment more on stories. Compared to YouTube, I felt Medium should have exceeded in the commenting department. After all, we are an army of writers on a platform dedicated to blogging!

After spending some time on the platform, I found the problem lay with the “comment as a story” function. This feature was enough for many writers to avoid commenting — altogether. Ultimately, they didn’t want their “Stories” page to be overwhelmed with their comments.

Now that this issue has been corrected by our most favorite people in the world. We can confidently say to all writers and members:

Comment far.

Comment away.

Comment until you short-circuit a server.

Comment today!

Editor of Fellowship Writers

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