My favorite quote from your story was easily the line above. This sentence is a great reminder to "lean in" to what matters most--our faith, family, friends, and passions.

Another strength of your story was your bio at the end. You're a certified life coach. That is powerful. You may consider finding a way to include that at the beginning of your story. It gives your article significant credibility!

Lastly, you may consider putting headers on each section; I was a bit lost during some parts. Your words and rituals hold significant meaning, so I wanted to reread each section to make sure I absorbed it. Here's what I picked up: Beloved, Stillness, Reflection, Meditation, Embrace.

Overall, great message and tips on how to grow ourselves through a set of rituals. My favorite aspect of your story was your perspective. You have an amazingly well-ground approach to life. Thank you for sharing!

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