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A community of writers, a positive environment, a safe place to become a better reader/writer. Not Religiously Affiliated. All Writers are Welcome.

Becoming a Medium member has been an enriching experience. I’ve enjoyed reading numerous fictional thrillers, endearing poems, informative how-to articles, harrowing true-life accounts, and other works of creativity.

Most of my favorite stories are written by up-and-coming authors, who are working hard to make a name for themselves.

I prefer reading their content because I recognize their struggle.

It is analogous to choosing between college sports vs. professional, local boutiques vs. mega malls, corner bakers vs. franchised chains; I gravitate towards the tenacious underdogs because I consider myself a member in this category.

Which brings me to my point:

How can we support each other?

Why isn’t there a community for writers to gain greater exposure?

We can support each by participating in a publication that aims to be a safe place for writers — where individuals can calibrate their work from the feedback left in the comments section, where writers can gain exposure, and where authors can share insights into the platform.

Enter FELLOWSHIP WRITERS publication.

This community-focused publication will randomly select submitted stories (through a lottery system) to be feature on the front page. Additionally, we will ask members to read and provide feedback for the “winning” stories. This way, each featured author receives valuable guidance to help them improve.

Ultimately, the publication will reward those who read and comment — the more you comment, the more credits your receive, and the more likely you will win the lottery and have your work featured. More on this topic later.

An Idea for a Publication

The FELLOWSHIP WRITERS publication aims to help writers of all levels by creating a safe place for individuals, who seek more support and feedback.

Additionally the conventional advice for new and improving writers is quite inadequate, and often leads to frustration.

  • Get into a well-known publication = standards are too high, never hearing back from editors
  • Get into a lesser-known publication = standards are too low, too many stories are published and your story gets lost in the flood of stories
  • Get Curated = some “exterior” views, no significant viewership, and pennies in Member Reading Time
  • Embed SEO Keywords for Google Ranking = thousands of “exterior” views and $0.00 in earnings
  • Write Everyday = getting burned out and running out of stories

We are long overdue for a purposeful publication — designed to help writers and followers succeed in their endeavors.

How will it work?

Each day 4 randomly selected stories from our queue. These stories will be featured on the FRONT page of FELLOWSHIP WRITERS.

We are not selecting the stories based on quality measures; instead, the selection will rely on credits and a lottery system. The more credits you earn, the likelier your story will be selected to be featured. Fortunately, there are very simple ways to earn more entries into the lottery. More on this later.

Through the random selection process, readers will encounter well-written articles and stories with room-for-improvement. This design isn’t meant to embarrass anyone, instead it serves as an opportunity to uncover what needs work in our stories.

Criteria for Story Selection

  • Must Be Appropriate: no hate speech, acts of violence, offensive material, underage themes, etc.
  • Submission can Be Self Published or a Draft.
  • All Genres and Styles are Welcome.
  • No Political Pieces.

If a story is selected, then it will be featured in the section titled, “Today’s Winning Stories,” on the front page of FELLOWSHIPS WRITERS for that day.

How to Earn Credits?

Earning credits will greatly improves your odds for selection during the following day’s lottery. There two ways to earn credits.

  • 1 Credit for each submitted story
  • 6 Credits per comment left stories featured in the section titled, “Today’s Winning Stories.” You can find this section on the homepage of Fellowship Writers. Look for the following section:

*Comments left previous day’s featured articles will not earn credits. Only comments on current day featured stories will earn credits.

The more credits you earn, the likelier your story will feature on the publication’s FRONT PAGE.

What happens if a story is not selected in the Lottery process?

If a story is not selected in the lottery process, the author will receive a polite note from the Editor notifying them. They will be encouraged to keep their story in the queue for subsequent lotteries.

Additionally, writers will be encouraged to comment on the featured stories to significantly improve their chances of winning the lottery.

If a story has been unsuccessful in multiple lotteries, it will automatically remain in the queue for each day’s lottery until the story wins or it is withdrawn by the author.

Values as a Publication

Our values as a publication and community are as follows:

  • We strive to be a safe and positive space for all readers and writers.
  • We accept individuals from all backgrounds.
  • We encourage inclusiveness and equality.
  • We will not tolerate any stories that advocate for any forms of violence or discrimination, including but not limited to hate speech, bullying, abuse, harassment, etc.

Who will be the Editor?

Writers and followers of FELLOWSHIPS WRITERS will provide constructive feedback in the story’s comments sections for each of the featured stories.

This way, the featured authors receive beneficial feedback and gain valuable Member Reading Time.

Note: I will be encouraging all feedback to be positive and constructive, but prepared for the negative comments.

If the feedback is particularly unsavory (hateful, bullying, etc.) — please report it to me (KR Franklin) or Medium, and we will take corrective actions.

Benefits to Leaving Constructive Feedback

Each time a reader leaves constructive feedback on the current day’s featured story, they will receive 6 additional credits for the next day’s lottery.

For example,

  • Scenario 1: Writer A submits an article for submission and receives 1 credit. During the same day, 19 other stories are submitted by other authors. Since there were 20 submissions for the day, Writer A has a 5% chance (1 out of 20) of being featured on the FRONT PAGE.
  • Scenario 2: Writer B submits an article and leaves three feedback comments on the current day’s featured articles. Writer B now has 19 credits (6 credits per comment and 1 credit for the submission). If 19 other authors submitted that day but failed to leave comments, Writer B has a 50% chance of winning (19 out of 38).

In other words, leaving feedback is highly encouraged and rewarded. It significantly improves your chances of winning but also builds our cooperative community.

Hall of Fame

If an article receives 2,000+ claps, the story will permanently feature in the Hall of Fame. A sub-section titled “Hall of Fame” will be included on the homepage of FELLOWSHIP WRITERS.


All publication statistics will be shared with members including Follower Count in the weekly newsletter. We believe a publication should be honest with it’s writers, members, and readers.

To view our most up-to-date stats, click on our homepage link (below). Once there, click on the Weekly Newsletter in the section titled, “Editor’s Corner.”

Getting the Word Out

Our community is still in its growth phase. Each day, there are behind-the-scene efforts to expand the publication — including finding exciting stories and inviting talented writers. It is the primary method we have grown our community, and it requires active efforts.

Another way we can grow is to include links on every published story.

Beginning in November 2020, we will include information about the community in every featured story. This section will show at the end of the story, and it will look like the following:

The Most Interesting Publication on Medium

What is the Origin of the name FELLOWSHIP WRITERS?

The definition of the word fellowship is very fitting for the publication:

“Fellowship: Friendly association, especially with people who share one’s interests” — Oxford Languages

Furthermore, most of the readers on Medium are also writers, so we wanted to emphasize that in the title.


A Platform to Share Medium Insights

Another essential feature of the publication includes sharing Medium insights with each other. Individuals who publish unique Medium-related ideas and submit them to FELLOWSHIP WRITERS will automatically be featured in a sub-section titled “INSIGHTS.”

This section will serve as an oasis of information and undiscovered insights into the Medium platform.

What if we could calibrate our stories so we could collectively work smart and not hard?

Here is one example of an insight I wrote about recently: the number of words previewed on the writer’s homepage.

How can I Join?

Leave your Medium name in the comments section below, and I will add you.

Publish a story and submit it to FELLOWSHIP WRITERS.

How to Submit Stories?

Step 1: Select the Menu Button on your published story (designated by the … symbol)

Step 2: Select the “Add to publication” link.

Step 3: Select the FELLOWSHIP WRITERS publication and submit.

Final Thoughts

This publication is a community. It is a safe place for writers to submit their work and learn from each other. This fellowship only works if we agree to read and comment — frequently and respectfully.

Our dedication to the community will enable communal benefits for all, as well as increase the number of individualistic opportunities for each writer.

Our aim is to collectively improve by reading, writing, commenting, and collaborating. The strategy will result in greater readership, engagement, and feedback for all dedicated writers.

In other words, we strive to be a cooperative.

Please join and participate.

Editor of Fellowship Writers

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