We do live in a world that measures productivity, so yes, results do matter.

Before reading your article, I didn't realize how similar the recruiting role is to sales. I mean, I knew recruiters had to "sell" professionals on a company or position, but I realize the KPIs were so comparable. Interesting!

Finally, I like step 1, "Do what you love." Since the Pandemic and subsequent quarantine began, I've utilized my free time to take classes and develop two skills that I'm passionate about--one of them being writing and the other building analytics.

I'm happy to report that I'm inching (every day) towards going full-time with my passions and away from managing a "day job." This is something I wish for everyone!!

Overall, I thought your article was well-organized with great steps and insights. I really liked the flow and thought it was an enjoyable read. Thank you for sharing!

Editor of Fellowship Writers

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