Welcome to FW! I've added you as a writer so you can submit stories.

Great question - my thoughts on the matter:

Your stories belong to you. Whether you choose to keep them, delete them or add them to a pub. If you decide to remove a story from a pub and submit it to FW, we allow that and treat it like any other story.

If later on, you decided to remove it from FW, we would be okay that too because we believe it is your property.

Just one tip - older stories don't get as much viewing time on our pub because after the first day when it drops out of the "today's lottery winners" section, it goes into the section titled "previous lottery winners" on the homepage. This section is sorted by date, so an older story would go towards the back of this section.

Just something to consider.

Otherwise, we would love to have you join as a member and writer. We look forward to reading your stories.

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