Wow! Powerful story and lesson.

First, I like how you started your article with a story of you and Nancy. I read the first paragraph and worried that was all you were going to share. I wanted to see where that story went since it was so intense - waiting 2 hours in a dark alleyway. Fortunately, it came back up!

Second, the relationship lesson was insightful, with great examples that I (a layperson) could understand.

Third, you went back to the story of Nancy and wove it back into your relationship advice. That added a level of depth and understanding to your advice. Also, it provided closure to that intense start.

Fourth, I can keep going on and on, so I'm going to stop here. :)

One suggestion: You may consider credits to your picture by clicking on the image and typing in the information. Medium is very particular about giving credit, even when the photograph belongs to you.

Thanks for sharing this vital lesson and story with us!

Editor of Fellowship Writers

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